We’re dedicated to tailoring your clothes in the shape of you. Whether we need to alter new garments or reconstruct old ones, your clothes should make you feel confident, attractive, and comfortable - thoughtfully reflecting your body type, style or mood. 

Tailor House provides perfect-fit tailoring and garment reconstruction, so you can look and feel your best. After all, the most important thing to wear is a smile.

  • Tailoring

    Clothes in the shape of you.

    Tailoring is all about fit. When your clothes fit, everything feels right. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering the perfect-fit for you. 

    Our tailors have decades of experience altering men’s and women’s garments. From everyday wear to business attire; special occasion to wedding dresses, our team is dedicated to ensuring every measurement, cut and stitch is well-considered and intentionally placed.

  • Reconstruction

    Cut from a different cloth.

    These days, less is more. When you have a closet full of unused clothes, it can feel overwhelming and wasteful. For Tailor House, we see this as opportunity for creativity. 

    Bring us your stuff - the clothes you hate to give away, but can’t use in their current state. We’ll tear them apart, and put them back together, bringing new vision and life to these forgotten gems. 

  • Consulting

    There’s a style icon in everyone. 

    Need a wardrobe refresh? Does your body or lifestyle change warrant a new look?

    Work with our style consultants to audit your closet and find ways to up your fashion game. We can spruce up your existing collection through tailoring or reconstruction, or help fill gaps in your repertoire with new items.